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Flexible working for parents and carers of disabled children

Last updated: 7 May 2021

The right to request flexible working for parents and carers of disabled children are the same as parents of non-disabled children. An employee with 26 weeks of service with the same employer has the right to make a request to work flexibly. The employer has three months to respond (although this can be extended by agreement). If the employer turns down the request, it must be for one of the permitted business reasons.

See here for more information on making a flexible working request.

It is worth mentioning in your request the reason why you are requesting flexible working if it relates to your disabled child. The Equality Act protects people from disability discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. This includes discrimination by association, such as treating a parent or carer less favourably – for instance refusing their flexible working request – because they have a disabled child. For more information, see our article on flexible working and discrimination.

We have more information about requesting flexible working –  including advice on how to negotiate, how to request, and your rights if your request is refused.

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