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Council Tax Reduction – Help with the council tax

Last updated: 29 Jun 2021

Your local authority will have a scheme to help people on low incomes with their council tax, usually called Council Tax Reduction or Council Tax Support. The amount of help you get will depend on your local authority. Because of changes to the amounts local authorities have to spend on this, when the new tax year starts (in April each year) you may have to pay more council tax than you did before, or start paying some even though your circumstances have not changed.

People who live in a one adult household receive a rebate of 25% off their council tax – you just have to tell the local authority that you live alone.  You may still be entitled to additional help with the council tax bill. The same applies if you have other discounts on your council tax bill, for example because of adaptations for a disabled person. You should still check to see if you can get additional help with the remaining bill.

Council Tax Reduction is paid by your local authority (council) so you should contact them for a claim form. The amount you get will depend on your circumstances and how much council tax you pay.

You will find more information about Council Tax and help with paying it on your local authority website. To find your local authority website, you can use GOV.UK website.

This advice applies in England, Wales and Scotland. If you live in another part of the UK, the law may differ. Please call our helpline for more details.

If you have further questions and would like to contact our advice team please use our advice contact form below or call us.

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