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Calculating your family’s rights to leave and pay

If you know how long you have worked for your employer, your employment status, how much you earn and when your baby is due, you can use the government calculator to work out your entitlement to leave and pay. You will need to know the same details about your partner if you want to know what they are entitled to.

The calculator can tell you your rights to:

  • maternity leave and pay
  • paternity leave and pay
  • Shared Parental Leave (SPL) and pay.

The calculator won’t be able to tell you about any contractual or occupational rights you have because your employer has decided to be more generous that the law requires. If you want to check your contractual rights you need to look at your contract or ask your employer about their maternity and paternity policies.

If you are not sure about your employment status or that of your partner, you can ask our helpline for advice.

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